Purchase Nevada AVVA Products:

Nevada Member Pins and Patches:

Nevada has our own logo, because we are an Incorporated State. We may use our Nevada Logo for any State, Chapter, or National events that we wish to. Use your patch for shirts, vests, or hats, and wear your pin proudly. Both the pin and the patch look like this:


The Big Horn Sheep and the Desert Sage are the Nevada State animal and the Nevada State Flower. Both were chosen for this design for their endurance, strength, and determination to survive in the face of extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Blue and silver are the Nevada State Colors.

The Member pin is 1 1/4" high and is made with a "photo etched" finish.
It is a fabulous looking pin!

The Patch turned out great!  It measures  4" high and 3 3/8" wide.
It is great for a ball cap, shirt fronts or shirt sleeves!
The pins and patches will be available at all State Association meetings,
as well as by mail order!

If you wish to order pins, patches, or car magnets, email the AVVA Webmaster at:
avva2003@cox.net to obtain shipping costs before you make out your check.

Prices are $5.00 each for magnets, Logo pins or Logo patches. If you order 10 or more of any item combination at a time, they are 20% off. Make Checks or money orders out to AVVA Nevada.

Get yours now! Let everyone know you are a member of Nevada AVVA!



AVVA Car magnets available for $5.00 each! They are like a bumper sticker, but they are magnetic, and therefore they do not damage your car!




We will have a limited number of the AVVA/A.O. pins which were designed in 2021. They are only $3.00 each, plus shipping if needed, and are a great way to show your support of those who are suffering from toxic Exposure issues. There are only 500 of these pins that were made, and they will not be made again. To order these pins please contact the State President, Joanna Henshaw at: avvajh@cox.net . there are less that 100 of these pins for Nevada, and they will not be re-issued in the future, so they are limited.




1.5" x 1.5"

These pins are numbered, and were part of the 1st 25 pins. Only 7 left! They were designed to show that AVVA is everyone, anywhere - all races, genders, ages - all working together for a common cause. The available numbers are: 5, 12, 14, 19, 21, 22, & 23.

At $7.00 each, If you would like one of these limited edition numbered pins, please email avvajh@cox.net with the pin number(s) that you want.